1. Terms and definitions
    • Program Organizer - “ECOPAY LLC” incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Latvia (legal address: Babīte municipality, Babīte parish, Dzilnuciems, “Juri”, LV-2107).

    • Website Adminisrtator means “ECOPAY LLC” company.

    • Operator - Limited Liability Company “Reut Experience” in the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

    • Participant - an individual being of the age of 18 at the time of registration in the Program and being a holder of Visa card.

    • User means a participant of the PriorPlus Loyalty Program, who made an individual booking or purchased Services on the Website.

    • Website means the network of logically linked hypertext information arranged in the form of individual pages and available on the Internet at the address, whose Administrator is ECOPAY LLC and on which the Partners’ offers are posted, Program Terms and Conditions and other information about the Services are provided.

    • PriorPlus Loyalty Program means a program where the participants collect Points that may be exchanged for the Rewards available on the Website. The PriorPlus Loyalty Program (hereinafter referred to as the "Program") is operating in the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

    • Services means booking and purchase of air transportation, hotel accommodation, tour, cruise, and transfer services rendered by individual Service Providers according to the User's order on the Website.

    • Provider means an IATA accredited agent, air carrier, hotel accommodation services, tour or cruise operator, and transfer provider offering services on the Website.

    • Hotel Accommodation Services means publicly available lease of houses, apartments, rooms, lodging places, areas for camping or automobile trailers for a specified time period, including other services indicated in the Voucher.

    • Air Carrier means a company engaged in air carriage and providing services of air transportation.

    • Rewards - goods, services and other privileges included in the list of Rewards at the time of redemption of Points for Rewards. The list of Rewards shall be placed on the Program Website. The Organizer may introduce changes in the List of Rewards without prior notice.

    • Points - units to be accrued by the Bank and the Organizer of the Program to the Participant's personal account in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Program as a result of carrying out payment transactions by the Participant with the card participating in the Program and as a result of conducting qualifying transactions on Travel Partners’ and Cashback modules. Points are used only for accounting purposes and are not and can not be a type of income, means of payment, any type of currency or security, can not be cashed out, inherited or exchanged for money.