• What should I do if I have not received SMS message with a verification code?
    • Click the link «Send the SMS again». If you still have not received the code, contact the hotline of the Bank +375 17 289 92 92.

  • What should I do if I have not received an email from the program after filling out the profile?
    • Check your SPAM folder. If there is no email in it, go back to the program website and click on the link to reenter your email address.

  • What should I do if I cannot enter my user account on the website.
    • Make sure that all data is entered correctly. When entering the password check the language of the keyboard and whether the CapsLock button is switched off. If that does not help we suggest to use the option of recovering your password.

  • What should I do if I forgot my password?
    • To recover the password you should:

      1. Click on the link «Forgot your password?»

      2. Enter your email.

      3. Click «Send»

      An email with a link to the password recovery page will be sent to your email address.

      4. Follow the link from the email and enter your new password twice.

      5. Try to reenter your user account with a new password.

      Please note that your new password cannot repeat 4 previous passwords.

  • What should I do if I forgot my login?
    • To recover the login you should:

      1. Click on the link «Forgot your login?»

      2. Enter the number of your card

      3. Click «Send»Afterwards, you need to go through the card verification procedure via 3-D Secure.

      4. SMS message with a secret code will be sent to the mobile number indicated in the Bank when opening the card account. Enter this code and click«Confirm».

      * If the SMS with the code was not received, click on the link «Send the SMS again».

      5. After the card confirmation you will be redirected to the page of the program website where you can see your login.

  • What should I do if my card has not passed the registration check?
    • There may have been an error when entering the card data or the validity term has expired. Check the expiration date of your card or contact your Bank for more details.

  • What should I do if I indicated incorrect data in my profile by mistake?
    • To change the data of your profile you need to login into your user account on the program website. Then in the section «My profile» you need to enter the updated data in the appropriate fields and click the «Save» button.

  • Why do I need the My Cards section?
    • You have the opportunity to accumulate points' to one account of the Loyalty Program by several cards that participate in the Program. Cards can belong to one participant or his family members. You can add cards to your account in the "My cards" section.

  • I have several cards participating in PriorPlus loyalty program. Can I receive points' for payments with these cards to the same account?
    • Yes, you have such an opportunity. The program provides a household function for this in the section "My cards". This function allows you to accumulate points' on one account of PriorPlus loyalty program by using several cards participating in the program. Cards can belong either to one member or to different members (e. g. family members). Maximum of 5 cards are allowed in one account.

  • Can I add the card of my wife/husband to my account?
    • Yes, you have such an opportunity. You should go to the „Household“ page in the section «My Profile». Click the «Add a card» button and enter your name in the appropriate fields, as well as the number and expiration date of the card you want to add. After the card has successfully passed the check via 3-D Secure it will be added to your account.

  • What is a wishlist?
    • This is a list of rewards from the catalogue of the program which you would like to receive by redeeming your points' but for which you currently do not have enough points'. You can also add the offers from the catalogue that are already available to you for exchange in your wishlist for a furhter redemption.

  • Can I use my Internet banking login to enter my loyalty program account?
    • The login of your Internet banking and the login for entering the program are different. The login is your electronic address (Email), which you actively use, and no one has access to it except you. Later you will receive promocode on this account when redeeming points'.

  • How can I view the number of accumulated points' for each card attached to my account separately?
    • To view the number of accumulated points' for each card attached to your account separately, you need to go to the user account on the program website, select «Balance» in the section «My profile» and set the filter to the card number, the transaction history of which you want to view. You can also choose the period which interests you.

  • How can I change my login?
    • To change your login you should:

      1. Log into your account on the program website, choose the section «My profile» and subsection «Change the login».

      2. Enter your current password and new login (email address).

      3. An email with the verification link will be sent to this email address.

      4. Follow this link for email confirmation.

      5. Email address (login) has been successfully changed. Indicate new login and password to enter your user account.

  • My account is blocked. Why did it happen and what should I do?
    • Your user account was blocked due to exceeding the number of allowed attempts to enter the password. This will last for 30 minutes for security purposes. Upon expiration of this time try to log into your account again. You have 5 attempts to enter the correct password.